Welcome to Sure Find

Where we take healthcare staffing seriously

What drives us

Our goal is to improve the quality of patient care by delivering excellence through our highly skilled workforce, valued client relationships and our family of dedicated consultants who are available 365 days a year. With a wide approach to healthcare recruitment, we are able to have specialist consultants that cover, Acute hospitals, Primary Care, Community Care, Mental health, and Secured services for all banding levels.

Around the clock care

Dedicated consultants operating 365 days of the year.

Assured Quality

All staff are clinical vetted and only the most proficient staff are registered.


All staff go through regular monthly and yearly compliance updates and checks.



With a 100% success rate on our compliance and financial audits. You can really count on us.

About Surefind

A healthcare agency that was proudly set up for YOU! our workers!

We put you 1st!

With more than 20 years of extensive recruitment experience and dozens of tried and tested methods for attracting new workers, placing workers out, and engaging with our workers under our belts. There is no better way to say to prospective workers and existing workers that we care, than by putting you, 1st.

At Sure Find there are;

  • No gimmicks
  • No overseas operator
  • No false promises
  • No cost to process a timesheet
  • And no time wasting

Just simple 1-2-1 access with a dedicated consultant that puts YOU 1st.

We at Sure Find understand the value of a happy worker because to us;

A happy worker = Happy client = Happy agency.

We're in this together - group huddle

Modern Slavery act

Sure Find is committed to upholding the principles outlined in the 2015 Modern Slavery Act. As our company expands, we are dedicated to ensuring that our internal staff is well-informed about the act, integrating it seamlessly into our continuous improvement initiatives, recruitment processes, and equal opportunities protocol.

Although Sure Find is presently not obligated to comply with the act only once our turnover reaches £36 million or more, we unequivocally endorse and prioritise maintaining excellent working conditions and promoting equal opportunities across all organisational levels.

Upon reaching the turnover threshold, Sure Find will promptly develop a comprehensive statement outlining our Modern Slavery policy. This will involve conducting a thorough risk assessment, ensuring compliance, and implementing due diligence across all workflows and processes.

We also commit to staying abreast of any changes in legislation, with a commitment to reviewing and adapting our practices accordingly. Our steadfast dedication to ethical business practices remains a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.